Why You Need Cheap, Yet Realiable Locksmith

Cheap might look appealing in many cases, but it is not always the right option. Of course, one can say the same for expensive options as well. A wise customer will pick the product or service that offers the best quality at the lowest price.

Looking for a Cheap Locksmith?

If you are looking for a cheap locksmith, it is really important to warn you that cheap might eventually turn out to be costly. When searching for a locksmith for your auto or house lock & key trouble, do not let the advertised price be the deciding factor.

You need a value-for-money locksmith who knows his/her trade well enough to provide you the best service required in your situation. A professional help will cost you some money.

Hiring a locksmith just because his advertised charges are low is actually inviting trouble. More often than not, you will find yourself with a locksmith who used "cheap locksmith" as a marketing strategy. If a business is comfortable using a sneaky method for acquiring new business opportunities, it might as well be open to mis-selling you its services, make you buy locks that you don't need and many other sneaky tricks of the locksmith trade.

Here is a real-life example of how "cheap locksmith" business works.

Locked keys in the car and Googled ______________________. The site said: "We cost only $15 for visiting, which is the least price as compared to the others in the market." When called the company, a local locksmith representing them called confirm. The quote was now: $15 for travel, $45 for labour. On arrival, the locksmith said: $150 to unlock the car!

Tricks of Dishonest Locksmiths

  1. Cheap locksmith scam artists: Such locksmiths will quote you an insanely cheap price over the phone or email. When they arrive at your doorstep, they will come up with some crafty excuse to increase the actual cost of labour. They will make you pay 5 times the actual cost for a replacement lock.
  2. Sell you low quality locks: Most common locks are not the highest standard locks. If you depend on commonly sold locks, it might be easy to break into your house. Ask your locksmith for good quality locks.
  3.  Break open a good lock: To make more money, shady locksmiths with break open a lock without bumping it or making a replacement key. Easy money. 
  4. Look too busy for long: If it's a minute of work for a locksmith, it might not be easy to justify a hefty charge. So they will keep looking busy for quite some time.

Honest Locksmith: Peace of Mind

How to find a cheap locksmith? This should be your objective if you keep losing your keys every month. If you are not, why are you so concerned about finding a cheap locksmith? You should really be thinking about finding a genuine and honest locksmith.

It is not everyday that you lose your keys or need your house rekeyed. Instead of looking for a cheap locksmith service, you should try to find a professional who will take good care of your work. It might not be the cheapest option, but you don't want to risk your safety for a few dollars. Right!

A genuine and honest locksmith will be able to look at your problem and suggest the best options. You will not be cheated by having to pay for spares not used or getting a lock which is not required. Sometimes your lock needs some servicing to become good as new. A dishonest locksmith will replace the lock without even considering the option of fixing it.

If the locksmith is not adequately equipped to handle the situation, you will end up paying for a shoddy work. Most of the times it would be way more than what it would have cost if you went with a professional locksmith rather than just look for the cheapest alternative.

Another problem of hiring a cheap locksmith is that you might not get the best-quality locks. In such a case, you will have to get the locks replaced sooner. This also means that you getless value for  money. A high-quality lock might be slightly expensive, but it will last longer functioning properly. It means you end with a greater value for money with quality locks which need to be replaced only after a long time.

When you hire a cheap locksmith who is not professionally trained, you also risk the damage to your doors and windows with malfunctioning locks. An untrained locksmith might rip the door in the process of replacing the defective lock. In such a case, you end up with an ugly door. In the worst case, a severely damaged door which requires replacement.

Considering the risks of hiring cheap, untrained locksmiths, it is always advisable to go for the professional locksmiths. It might appear to be expensive, but you will eventually get greater value for money. Also, the peace of mind by hiring a reliable and honest locksmith is priceless.

Cheap Locksmith: Can You Afford the Cheapest One?

Everyone wants to pay less for more. Can you really afford to do this when it comes to hiring a locksmith? Should you really decide on which locksmith to hire based on their charge quotation?

"Cheap and reliable" should be the driving guideline when it comes to hiring a locksmith for fixing locks and safes in your house, offices or vehicles. You should not pick the cheapest one as that can turn out to be expensive in the end.

A locksmith is a skilled person who earns his living by providing his service. You must consider the facts of life before expecting a ridiculously cheap rates from a locksmith. Locksmiths, like the rest of us, also needs to meet expenses of  their families. They have to maintain a shop, pay for various expenditures of running a business and still earn the bread for their families. In such a scenario, if a locksmith is quoting an absurdly low price, you must ask if it is feasible. When a locksmith is quoting a rock-bottom price, it might be a business gimmick. Will they ask you to pay more on arrival?

Before hiring a locksmith, make sure that you double check on any additional charges that will be applicable when they arrive at your house or on the road for fixing your car keys. If they are honest about their pricing and promise that no additional charges will be levied, you can try them out.

Many of us are used to being quoted high prices for locksmith services. In such a case, an honest locksmith might sound like a guy quoting unbelievable prices. How do you know if the locksmith is quoting you an honest price and not just trying to trick you into hiring him?

Spending a couple of minutes on the internet can help you minimize the risk. The power of web is accessible though our hand-held phones and other gadgets. When you get an incredulous deal, ask the locksmith to wait for a while before you confirm and hire them. hang up and use this time for a quick background check. Do a quick online search to find if the locksmith is reliable before asking them to come by your place.

An honest locksmith will not always be the one to quote the lowest price, but you can trust them to provide the best service without adding to your problem. Paying a few bucks more might make the whole lot of difference in terms of the locksmith's personality and behavior. You might also end up paying less than the 'cheapest' locksmith who might have been planning to make you pay for parts and spare that would have never been used for providing the solution to your lock troubles.

Of course, hiring the most expensive locksmith is not a guarantee of getting the best service. you must make use of your social skills to weed out the dishonest guys from the genuine one. Try to hire the person who is quoting the lowest price among those who sound to be professional and reliable. The rest is all a matter of chance. If you wish to eliminate the smallest risk, research about the best locksmith in your neighbourhood even before you need one. ask you friends, family and neighbours about which locksmith is the best in your city or locality.

Hire a Locksmith You Can Trust

A locksmith is the person who you entrust with your safety and that of your property. We lock our homes, offices and cars to keep them safe. By having a locksmith work on those locks, you are providing that person the key to your property. Can you trust just anyone with such a crucial work?

Being the person who gets the keys (or can make keys) to your house or car or office, it is very important that the person is an honest individual. If I am going to let you make a key to my house, what prevents me from making a copy without your authorization?

Though you don't really have locksmiths doing this, we do find many unprofessional individuals charges unreasonable prices for their services. You need to ensure that you hire a reputed locksmith who has been in the business for a while. You don't want to hire a person who you don't know a thing about. By having a locksmith with verifiable credentials, you are reducing the chances of being cheated or taken for a ride. You can hire a locksmith who has been servicing the neighbourhood for a while. Such local locksmith businesses will be more interested in long-term business and won't try to defraud you.

A locksmith with good record as a citizen and no criminal record means higher safety while having the person take care of your security locks.

Before you hire a locksmith, make sure to check the following:

  • Locksmith is licensed by a competent authority
  • Locksmith has good standing in the neighbourhood
  • Locksmith is polite and sounds honest
  • Locksmith has a verifiable record and does not make false claims

These are just a few things that you should check when hiring a locksmith. Do not call any locksmith without making sure that you can trust the person. An establishment with proper licensing and authorization will be more credible than an individual claiming to be a locksmith. Stay safe and hire a trustworthy locksmith with good reputation. Don't hesitate in asking for references from your friends and family.